Merry Christmas 2011

Well, look who's here. So nice you could join us. Come in, please. Take off your coat and go on in and warm up by the fire.

And, there's a special surprise after the carolling . . . Santa! Stick around.

David's in the den getting in the Christmas spirit(s).

Here, try our very own original holiday shooter. It's called "Rudolf's Nose." You can go here to our friend Cooky Cat for the recipe. Cheers!
We  did something different with the tree this year. It's a gardenia bonsai we received for Christmas three years ago.

Cousin Stash and the gang are raising the roof with some spirited Polish carols . . .

Look who else is here!

Here are the kids with a classic . . .

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! Merry Christmas!!