Just Try to Top This One!

Way back awhile I heard a song on the radio. I loved it. Never heard it again. I did remember some lines of lyrics; but nothing about the title, or performer. From time to time I've attempted to find it with an Internet search. 

Today I found it!

One Saturday I was driving home to Brooklyn from the dealership in New Jersey with a beautiful brand new 1972 Citroën D Special. Just like this one.

On the radio is playing a very catchy Cowboy song. Ever since after that one and only time hearing that tune, I've kept a mental note to find it. Somehow the stars were in alignment today. Here it is. After 43 years. A circle is closed. Auspicious, don't you think?

The song is called When I Was a Cowboy, written by the great Ralph McTell. He also wrote that wonderfully sentimental famous song, Streets of London.

Please take a stroll with me down memory lane. Enjoy ... (After that, Streets of London.)

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