Don’t let the coming earth polar shift
find you standing beside yourself.

I am not at all an expert on the subject of the predicted earth polar shift. I do, however, wonder what it would be like to wake up one day after the polar shift and find everything different; topsy turvy and leaning sideways. If that's what a polar shift would produce? Just saying.

For example... If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona, finding yourself looking down at Camelback Mountain from Scottsdale Road. Or, from the top of the Empire State Building looking up to New Jersey. No self respecting New Yorker looks up to New Jersey! But don't knock it; it isn't called the "Garden State" for nothing. I live there. And, occasionally glance at the Big Apple. 

Sort of like what I call the “Pisa Effect”. In Pisa where everyone would be going nuts since the Tower would be straight and everything else leaning.  What if all our familiar landmarks, large and small, became unexpectedly topsy-turvy, would we be able to find our balance? Or would we get dizzy and stumble around? Would we know where we were…who we are?

Here’s a concrete example of what I’m talking about: I was once visiting the town of Ayr in Scotland (where our dear Robby Burns was born). Not far is a local curiosity known as the ”electric brae” (hill). I was in an automobile and it looked like we were on an uphill road. My driver stopped the car, put it in neutral, and (wow-wee-wow!) the car slowly moved forward, up the hill! Click your heels three times if you believe in magic! As for me…my best scientific analysis is that we were really pointed downhill but the local features somehow made it appear otherwise. Search “electric brae” on the WWW if you want to learn more. But please read the rest of this. Okay?

We all implicitly know that because of gravity, our feet go toward the ground and the rest of us points upward. Just like we know that our nose is not 12 inches long or it would be a “foot”. The point I am gradually working to is this: are you centered within yourself or do you rely on outer references to such an extent that, were the familiar changed or taken away, would you be upset, lost, without bearing. This is not some idle issue I cooked up to crack wise with. I have personally been involved in serious bio-medical research on the subject of balance and you would be surprised at how much the visual reference is a factor in our sense of position and balance in three-dimensional space. And, let's not get into all the psychic connections that we tend to form. As in, "I can't live without you!" (That's a sure fire way to keep your loved one in your life. Not.) The point is that we live with expectations of relationships and connections both physical and mental/emotional. When they change or disappear or are taken away, then what. I'll tell you what. There you are. Period.
In my field of Rolf Structural Integration we are mainly concerned with fostering an evolution in the human structure to a place where the central vertical line of the body matches up with the line of gravity. If you take a look at your own body and of those around you, notice how you and others stack up in terms of the fundamentals of plumb and square. When the human body synchronizes in balance with gravity this is a place of deep centeredness, firm rootedness, being fully present. Your sense of who you are comes from an inner knowing rather than identification with circumstances, roles, and relationships.

When the boys from the hood*** ask you “wuzup?” you can give them a sly smile and point upwards. And that’s without having to figure out “up” from checking with the nearest palm tree, or sky scraper.

***[I am, like that fine fellow, Mr. Eminem, from Detroit, Michigan. During the day we make the cars. At night, we make the bars. I was recently at the White Castle at 8 Mile Road and Gratiot. I informed the local youth I encountered there that "I was the SCHIZNIT . . . before there even was a schiznit!" "Huh? Wha? Right! Ya." Youth today.]


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Now address the inner/outer gravities.(All puns intended!)