Our dear Daddy was (arguably) the first Hippie. The term "Hippie" was a coinage derived from his nickname, Hipnuchek Pionchek Escavado Wronski by birth; friends called him "HPE" for short, and that is the way he signed his checks.

Please note, besides the "I like Ike" button and the "Peace" pin, the heart shaped buttons. Subtle, but they tell the story.

As was his usual way, HPE was at the leading edge of almost everything he was near the edge of. A die-hard Republican conservative, after an encounter with an errant lightning bolt whilst fixing a flat tire on the night he so boldly took our dear Mamma out on the date where he coined the phrase, "My way or the highway", Daddy had a complete change of heart and was the first to enter the counter culture 1960's with a bang. That night Mom and Dad inaugurated the sexual, free love, revolution. Paradise by the dashboard light, indeed! Just that Dad didn't need no dashboard light after that shocker of a kiss from mother nature. It must've been a double whammy, cause Mamma had a pretty cute kisser too.

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