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Now it's ... 2016

Please, Mr. Trump! Dispel the rumors. Have your head examined by a qualified non-partial medical professional so we can have the assurance going forward that you are qualified and have your head on straight. 

Oh, yes. Mr. Cruz, while you are having the Supreme Court decide on your eligibility as a candidate, perhaps your mother can show her birth certificate. Mr. Obama ... we're still waiting.

Now, for some fresh meaty ... Wrambling ...

The election when I was first eligible to vote for the President was 1964, Goldwater (R.) versus Johnson (D. Incumbent). 

I voted for Goldwater. That's right. Who would admit that? At the time I figured that if we were in a war we should be all in, and Barry was talking like he would get over there 100%. Happily that didn't materialize. 

But, since I come from good blue collar working class auto union roots, I have leaned Democratic ever since.

In the 2008 election it seemed to me that the writing was clearly on the political wall, and — after Bush fils with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Wall Street mess — no way was any Republican going to win the Presidential election. It looked like the party higher ups gave a last hurrah to that old soldier, Senator John McCain. How in the hell Governor Sarah Palin fit into that picture is still a mystery to me. I'd like to get the Senator in a room and hear what he really has to say. But, as in all things, he took it like a man. 

And, it still is. A mystery, that is. Palin? Most recently we have that Lady — who I would call a bimbo except that it would be politically incorrect. Idiot. Fool. Crazy Bitch. Those too. — coming out in high fine style and endorsing Donald J. Trump. Who I would call a whole arm's-length list of not so "nice" names except, again, that would be politically incorrect.

Here's what mystifies me. I seem to live in a world where from my vantage Mr. Trump looks like a bombastic fool. I didn't say that. I've heard others say it. I don't know if it's true. But, if it is, that's a problem. So, it is a problem by definition. Someone said it was a problem. Not me. But, now me. 

I think Mr. Trump should get his head examined, and once and for all dispel the rumors that he is a pumped up, narcissistic, proto-fascist bully and bloviator whose main claim to fame is that he knows how to win ... apparently. Again, not my words. People are saying. Lots of them. 

Mr. Trump, let's clear this up now so that if you do win and become the President of the United States of America it won't show up in the way you manage the affairs of State. Which, if it did, we would all be wearing classy armbands and doing that new dance sensation, the "Goose Step". Let's do the "Trump Tromp". Really classy. 

Of course, The Donald never loses, so it would be a win for him and for the US of A. Right? I think even I can stop thinking now.

Never mind that running a democratic government is different from running a corporation(s). You know those entities who are persons, and where you leave democracy behind as soon as you come through the door. 

So far, he seems to be running on the sole strength that he is a winner. Which, no one can deny. Oh, I guess it would work if I thought of him as Big Daddy, who will go out and do what needs to be done to win for you and me average citizen. I wonder how a man who is pretty much used to having his orders followed unquestioningly will do in the actual political reality of being head of state. Oh, I forgot. He always wins. He'll be great. Enough said.

Are we having a King's New Clothes moment?

I digress.

The thing is I find myself in what seems to be on one side of an issue. There are clearly lots of folks who see Donald J. Trump as the man for the job. I don't get it. How they see that. And, those folks I would bet big don't get how I don't get that. Feels like being on either side of an impenetrable wall. So, then, who paid for that?

That is what I am puzzled about. How could two sets of people be so diametrically opposed in their thinking. Of course, we live in a dualistic world and, as a scholarly friend once advised me, no matter what you say [think] someone can prove you wrong. 

That's the world for you. You can't win. And, after all that ... you die.

I do think I'm on to something about the political divide-wise. I had a sister-in-law once who was from the Bible South. For example ... Eve ate an apple. An actual apple. Period. End of story. No discussion. Not even the slightest interest in having a discussion to understand another point of view. Keep on closing, like a Jehovah's Witness. Right as rain. This apparently does not deter her from eating actual apples, but I think the statute of limitations on that prohibition is probably over. Probably. Wouldn't it be a kick if in her certitude and righteousness she gets turned away at the Pearly Gates for having eaten an apple. And, not just one, but lots. Talk about a rude awakening. And, when it's too late.

Yes, Eve at the apple. Not a scintilla of shading, or metaphor, or meta-meaning. Just a crunchy apple. I assume ... Crunch. The Good Book doesn't go into such aesthetics on that forbidden fruit. It's color, or eating properties. Or, if it would be good in a pie. 

Just saying, we drove over one hundred miles last Fall to buy heirloom apples. One place we stopped at did seem a little hellish.

No. No further discussion needed. Thank you very much. For some it's a clear cut right or wrong proposition. And, when you have God on your side, being right is not just an option, it's a duty. Keep your ammo dry, while you're at it. 

Political-wise then, I think we're looking at something like this. On on side at the extreme end of its spectrum is a group of people with not a trace of irony or appreciation for subtle nuance or deeper meanings. Flatlanders, in the debate over whether the Earth is round.
Only one level of perspective. Can't even imagine any other. And, on the other, those who are given to what's called a more open minded approach. Those who can hold more than one opposing thought in their head at any one time. But — alas — on their own extreme end of the scale they can err in being susceptible to an anything goes Post-Modern relativism. Well, that's what I think, anyway.

So, if you are for Trump, chances are you have stopped reading this way long ago. If you fancy yourself to be progressive ... Vote! "Whatever" is not the kind of political position to stand on when there is a lot of real doing to be done. 

And, as Senator McCain recently suggested, it would be good to hear how Mr. Trump intends to accomplish his goals. And, to be fair, Mr. Sanders ... just how are you going to go about overhauling the system so radically? As necessary as I agree it needs to be. You should know by now that folks to the far right tend not to want to engage in discussion. We've had eight years of Mr. Obama and those who would disagree, obstruct, and negatively criticize him even if he made pizza free to all. Lots of beer too, of course.

There's a book. It's title is "Priests and Politicians ... Mafia of the Soul." While we're being sold on a better future and debating what that future should look like, there's the Present. Right there plain to see. The beauty part is that it is plain to see for everyone. And, it's the same. Truth, as it is said, is true. Needs no proof. No explanation.

Try it. Meditate before you vote. Meditate after. And ... continue. Living in the Present. Now there's a truly radical notion. 

Here's from Noam Chomsky on pretty much the same thing.

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