Shady Slim Wronski

Here we have the one and only Shady Slim Wronski, the original Shiznit before the word was even coined. This is not a “Got Milk” advertising photo. It is an “Oh, Mein Got!” moment caught by a paparazzo on set in that classic “The Girl Can’t Help It” starring Jayne Mansfield (as the girlwoof!) and Tom Ewel.

Shady Slim was the better looking of the two males auditioning for the role, but he was one to keep his eyes on the prize. Mr. Ewell got to hold them on camera; Slim was more a back of the house kind of guy. All he wanted to do was hang out outside of Ms. Mansfield’s trailer in hopes ofto use his solipsistic diversionary euphemism“I nice glass of milk, and maybe a plate of warm cookies.”

Cousin Slim’s famous line when caught red handed . . . “WHAT?” That’s called the Polish defense; i.e., acting clueless. Clearly, shady.


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