Don’t be a “Googlehead”

I recently went into a specialty coffee store to buy a part for my espresso maker; the small rubber gasket needed replacing. The sales girl asked for the cup size of the pot. I didn’t know the number of cups, but I did have the gasket to show her and gave her the dimension. In spite of the evidence in front of her face, it seemed that we couldn’t get any further in the transaction unless the cup size of the pot was known.

On the David Letterman show recently his British guest, the lovely Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, was remarking on the difficulties at school in the US with communicating  because of the different idioms between the two countries. There was the time she had cut herself and, quite obviously bleeding, was asking for a “plaster.” Her school mates couldn’t get that she was after a band aid. Letterman remarked that was the trouble with US kids today---can’t put together what is in front of their face.

Or, just like asking your way to the pool at the resort. You show up with your bathing suit and a towel and ask a hotel staffer for directions. You arrive poolside only to find that it is empty. You come across the staff person and confront him about not telling you that the pool was empty. “Well, sir, you asked for directions, you didn’t ask if it was ready for swimming.”

Or...or, jumping through the hoops on the telephone call-in menu of some corporations and not getting through because your issue doesn't match any of the options, or sub-options, or sub-sub-options, or...

And, just like when you go to search on Google. If it isn’t just so you, no result.

The American Dialect Society deemed “google” to be the Word of the Decade for 2000-09. I nominate “googlehead”—a mentality with solid, non-porous walls between each little compartment.

Don’t be a googlehead. Learn to put two and two together. Connect the dots. Take a firm grasp of the obvious. Thimk!

There's the joke about the fellow who goes into a restaurant and orders a cup of coffee without cream. The waitress says that they don't have that. "How come?" asks the man. "Well, we don't have any cream. I can give you a cup of coffee without milk, if you like."


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