Toward an Understanding of “Transformation”

From Commentaries On…A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Tara Singh, ©1986 Life Action Press, pp. 211-212.

“The daily [A COURSE IN MIRACLES] lesson imparts something new and unknown to the computer brain. Like all things physical, the body and brain are subject to evolution. But the spirit is not. At the level of spirit, we work with the faculty of the mind [a distinction is made between mind and brain—the latter sometimes termed brain-mind], which is not physical, but rather, pure and perfect.

[In Advaita Vedanta an important distinction is made between Awareness and Consciousness. Consciousness—the irreducible sense "I am" with the physical mind/brain-mind as the aggregate of added/conditioned conscious phenominalogical impressions, in all their permutations as stored facts, memories, concepts, opinions and prejudices, both conscious and unconscious—versus Awareness, the pure infinite ineffable ground...Truth. So what is Truth? The non-dualists say it can't be told; it's what is, after all falsehood is taken away. And how to remove all falsehood—if you are want to inquire...Don't give it another thought. Be yourself here now in the present moment. All is forgiven.]

“Since each minute the body cells change and renew themselves, what is it that prevents the transformation of self? We are continually conditioning the new cells with the prejudices and fears born out of separation [from Source]. Thus we keep the old alive and prevent the renewal in ourselves as well as in the next generation. Henry David Thoreau said that whatever we call progress is but improved means to unimproved ends. And so, fear remains fear, ambition remains ambition and insecurity remains insecurity from one generation to the next. These have changed names and forms in the external but little improvement has been made.

“There are only two emotions: love and fear. There is nothing in-between. It is not a matter of degrees. Saying we are becoming less ambitious is part of the illusion because the gradual process boosts our temperament and we remain quite satisfied. We are either ambitious or we are not.

“This decision [to orient toward Truth] is made at the level which is independent of evolution and conditioning. Therefore, once again you come to, [acknowledging/embracing the daily lesson] The power of decision is my own…then the new cells will remain new because you are not contaminating them further. This is called transformation.

“But what good would it do having all this as information or even being able to speak eloquently about it? Relative knowledge has no meaning — except to be commercialized or to deceive people. Having first deceived yourself, then what you share would be forever loveless. Therefore, you have to drug yourself with the belief that you are helping another. See how the lie becomes the truth.

“In reality you extend what you are regardless of what you plan. If you are miserable, you extend misery. If you are joyous, you extend joy. Can you see the simplicity of this? We plan when we do not have the resources within. Generally, helping another is something we plan ahead of time and when we want to implement it. We project the illusion of ideals and these we seek to fulfill. But there is a state where an extending takes place which has no ideals at all. It just is [Truth].”

The central and ultimate lesson in A COURSE IN MIRACLES is stated as…

What’s real can’t be threatened.
What’s unreal, doesn’t exit.
Herein lies the peace of God.


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