Feeling rather sensitive today.

As I stood facing east ... letting out a big burst of air ...

I could feel the earth rotating under my feet!

Wronski Moonshiner

Say howdy to my Uncle "Corny" Wronski. 

There's some debate as to about how he got that name, Corny. Some say it be on account of his being a moonshiner; turnin' out some of the sweetest — and strongest — corn liquor delivered by him in his hot rod truck under the light of a moon shining across the border in the Louisiana sky. Moonshine.

Also, so he claimed, that he invented the Corn Dog. We have no reason to dispute his veracity. Think what you will.

And, others remember him fondly as the king of the corny joke. You know the kind of groaner that be funny in your head, but somehow doesn't get you in the gut. For example: "I like Bananas 'cause they have appeal." Or, "What do you get when you cross a submarine with a tangerine? ... A Navel Orange."

One of his better: 

An old gent comes into a bake shop to buy a loaf of raisin bread. The pretty young thing waiting on him has to climb a small ladder to reach for that item on a high shelf. When she is poised high above — her skirt is rather short, and the fellow is enjoying the view — she turns to confirm, “Is it raisin?” “No, but it tingles a little.”

Interesting interplay, don't you think. On one hand his hooch certainly did get you in the gut. His humor, not so much. Get it. It's called irony. Used to be a thing not all that long ago. And, that Corn Dog, if it does gets in your gut, you wish it didn't.

And ... since this is, after all, Wronski's Wramblings ... 

This is the week President-Elect announced his choice of Governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy. Perhaps you will remember how in the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee debates it was Rick Perry who vowed as President to eliminate three federal agencies: Commerce, Interior, and ... what is the third one? I forget. Oops! Well, it was Energy. Speaking of ironic, that has to be way beyond ironic. Don't you think? He is now going to head up the very agency he said he wanted to abolish. (Is that the subtext for his appointment?) Perhaps they are counting on the electorate to not remember either. 

We wait to see it all unfold. Pray.

Now, listen to this ... It all ties together.

And, after, CLICK to meet the whole fam damily.


from ... EmCoTech

First a little background so that the avalanche of media scrutiny will have all the facts to work with right there up front. 

EmCoTech is the brainchild of someone who, in fact, was a child herself. The lovely Emma.

Just, Emma. Sort of like Madonna, Beyonce, Sting, or Rumplestilskin. The mission she set for the company is emblazoned on the corporate logo, “The Best of Old & New ... Over the Top if At All Possible”. Fulfilling that mission, Emma and her associates have a wide embrace.

Here is Emma in the early days. The photo was taken when she ran into the house with her inspiration for the "Bucket of Mud".

And, who has not heard of the Bucket of Mud, that surprising kiddie “cake” molded in a common galvanized bucket. It is served unmoulded and at first looks like just what the name would suggest, a bucket of mud. 

But, this Bucket of Mud is studded with firecrackers for candles. When lit, the combined effect is to blast open all that mud in said bucket create an explosion of mud going in all directions. You could say that this dish literally flies off the plate.

EMCO — now EmCoTech — was founded on this first success and their Bucket of Mud Kit®™© is a best seller, available only at better kitchen supply stores internationally. In each kit you will find all you need: a bucket, 144 firecrackers, several plastic bibs, and a generous supply of wet naps. Mud is extra. 329 varieties of mud are available for every taste and for every pocketbook. Illegal in most states. They have a work around; just ask.
Not content to rest on her laurels, Emma — who by the way makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker, and makes Emeril’s “BAM!” sound more like a "bing" — is now introducing products no one should be without. 
So, EmCoTech, what have you done for us lately?

Well, for example, there's the LizarRockaMoonBeam®©:

Introducing the first venture of EmCoTech outside the culinary realm. When you understand the basic technology behind LizarRockaMoonBeam®© it’ll be obvious how this new venture is truly a seamless extension of what has gone before. Think lizards and rockets. And, the moon as a vast underutilized promotional resource.

 CLICK to be amazed by LizarRockaMoonBeam®©.

Culinary? Yes, we did mention culinary. That's where EmCoTech has its roots. Not like in root vegetables, per se. But, "roots" as in, where it starts. But, come to think of it, it could be vegetables.

By now everyone should be acquainted with iTOAST©. You probably had your breakfast with an iTOAST© delivering perfect slices of toast with ever new amusing and/or inspiring custom designs.

You don't know about iTOAST©? Really!!!??? 

CLICK for the full skinny on iTOAST©!

Come back. There's more. So much more!

Take the Vulcomagic Kitchen Appliance.®©

Take it? 

No! Buy it!

CLICK to get your Vulcomagic Kitchen Appliance.®©.

Just to say, it brings the heat into the kitchen.

Demystified ... A Secret of the Universe

"The [Illusory] Appearance of Separateness"

So, it's like this. Like this. Not really this. Just, in a manner of speaking:

First let's start with a clean slate. Let's say there's a white writing board. 

On it, let's fill it in all over with black.

Then, erase a bunch of spots to create stars.

They all seem quite separate, don't they.

But ... Get an eraser.

Now, start erasing.

Erase some more.

Erase everything.

So, now consider ... In the image above the stars appear as separate. But if you remove the dark space between them ... it's all the same. Only one. Sort of like all things are connected at their center. 

Maybe you've heard of the analogy of the waves and the ocean. Surface waves appearing separate, really one at their depth. 

In this analogy you can say the black represents ignorance. Covering over the intrinsic unity of all. 

Then there's Yoga. No, not the stretching and bending stuff. Well, that's an aspect of it. But, not all of it.

The all of it [Yoga] is the erasing of what's not real to reveal the intrinsic oneness. And, even oneness is not quite the right way to put it. Since, when you say one, two is automatically created. 

Let's say ... The One without a second. Non-dual.

Or, say nothing at all. 

All my relations ... Aunty Edna
Fervent Festive Seasonal Holiday Greetings
from Our Aunty Edna ...

Merry Christmas! 
... Goddammit!
Merry Christmas

"I don't care whatever the f#*k holiday you or any other dumbass motherf#*ker like you may be celebrating this time of year. 

I'm putting Christ back in Christmas*. The Jesus is back! And, he loves you! Whether you like it or not. Get used to it!"

Merry Christmas
I celebrate the Birth of our Lord! 

So ... Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas
"Now go f#*k yourself for making folks feel peevish to say it, and instead feel compelled to say "Happy Holiday!" (Or, even if you didn't force anyone to, but went along with it. Like a sheep!)"

Quoting verbatim — an old Wronski family go-to hot profanity — the full litany of Aunty's disdain for the un-Godliness that has crept into the season ... "Tipsh pies krew choleta yasne pioron chaz, goddam sonofabitch, damn it to hell anyway." Not directly translatable. But, if you shout the words out load at veins-a-popping full volume, you'll get the gist of it. 

* As for gifts ... "I don't want much. But, please. Let it have quality."

You like our Edna? The trifecta! Get a load of this ...

Seems Aunty Edna is right in tune with the Zietgiest ...

Jon Don "Don Juan" Wronski

Say hello to Jon Ron "Don Juan" Wronski. My father's younger brother. Lived in Hollywood during what his set called the "swell" years. 

Reliably he was out and about, every night. Never without a leading lady or a promising starlet on his arm. Arm! Heck! He had two arms; and, like I said, he was never without company. He popularized the Ménage à Trois among the glam set. Two! Heck! As he would put it, "The more the merrier".

Uncle Don was also a high roller. He would charter a DC3 many weekends and fly a bevy of beauties with him to Vegas. A high roller, for sure. You've heard of the "Mile High Club"? He brought that one too.

Yes, he was quite the guy. He never made it in front of the camera though. Not so much that he couldn't act, or that he didn't have the right look. He was just too much of a piece of work off camera. Here he is caught in the act between takes. His quick retort, "Gimme some cookies to go with that".

Even so he was ever popular with the fair sex.

There's so much more. His son Rosco — a dead ringer for his Pop — followed in Dad's footsteps. But, that is a story for another time.