All my relations ... Aunty Edna
Fervent Festive Seasonal Holiday Greetings
from Our Aunty Edna ...

Merry Christmas! 
... Goddammit!
Merry Christmas

"I don't care whatever the f#*k holiday you or any other dumbass motherf#*ker like you may be celebrating this time of year. 

I'm putting Christ back in Christmas*. The Jesus is back! And, he loves you! Whether you like it or not. Get used to it!"

Merry Christmas
I celebrate the Birth of our Lord! 

So ... Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas
"Now go f#*k yourself for making folks feel peevish to say it, and instead feel compelled to say "Happy Holiday!" (Or, even if you didn't force anyone to, but went along with it. Like a sheep!)"

Quoting verbatim — an old Wronski family go-to hot profanity — the full litany of Aunty's disdain for the un-Godliness that has crept into the season ... "Tipsh pies krew choleta yasne pioron chaz, goddam sonofabitch, damn it to hell anyway." Not directly translatable. But, if you shout the words out load at veins-a-popping full volume, you'll get the gist of it. 

* As for gifts ... "I don't want much. But, please. Let it have quality."

You like our Edna? The trifecta! Get a load of this ...

Seems Aunty Edna is right in tune with the Zietgiest ...

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