Lego My People

It's so interesting how inspiration comes, and from what. 

For instance. My young grandson recently presented his mother with a toilet made with Lego parts. The commode was replete with, in my daughter's words, "Pee and poo".  He must have been quite pleased with himself. She was so proud to share the photo of it with friends. The boy is an artist, a realist. Perhaps, in some way, a surrealist. Do I have a witness?

Now don't think I becoming sacrilegious here. On the contrary. I also shared the photo of his great endeavor with friends, and one that keeps kosher made a comment. Since it is Passover time 2014 I had the idea to do something related to the Holiday based on Legos. 

In searching for le mot juste for the image of the Lego matza, "Lego my people" seemed to be the way to go.

Anyhow, and further, in thinking about Moses' command to Pharaoh  "Let my people go"  it seemed that this command is still appropriate down to this very time. It applies to all of us. 

Just as Pharaoh was keeping the Jewish People in bondage I notice how I tend to harbor not so high opinions and down judgments about others. I was raised Christian. But, it's the same message. "Let [my people] go." Let go.

Because, if I can share anything about what I've learned so far, it's that what we hold against others, we also hold against ourselves. So, let's be practical. Let go. 

Blessings for the Passover and Easter season. 

The Great Wronskoni

Sorry it's on such short notice. Tonite is THE night. April 1, 2014. 

Mention you saw this here and get a comp something or other.

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