Gravity and Aging . . . Self Help Tip

by David D. Wronski

My profession addresses human balance.  The balance of the body. Balance of the arrangement of the human body in respect to the dictates of gravity. The work is called Structural Integration, originated by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. It is a stand alone approach. Peerless and definitive. Not an alternative or substitute for appropriate medical attention or therapies. Complementary in many cases.

Dr. Rolf recognized how chronic symptoms such as pain and stress, fatigue, poor self-image, early aging may be “. . . signals pointing to a single problem so prominent in their own structure, as well as others, that it has been ignored.  They are at war with gravity.” 

Structural Integration offers personalized assistance to enlist the force of gravity as a prime foundational factor for living pain and stress free. Balance is key if you want to attain high levels of physical performance and fullest creative expressiveness. Who doesn’t want to live effortlessly upright, stress free, self-supported, graceful, and powerful? It not only possible. It’s easily available.

Imagine that. Talk about deep ecology: The force of gravity itself is a vast untapped natural resource for human health and wellness. 

A friend of mine when he got it (finally!) about gravity, said, “It’s amazing that with all the interest in ecology and natural living nobody’s talking about gravity.”  (Much less doing anything with it, I would add.)  We certainly wouldn’t buy that house if the foundation was off, the walls were cracking, the doors and windows didn’t work.  Or, put up with driving down the street struggling to keep straight because the suspension is out of alignment.  At Pisa I’ll let you take my picture next to the tower; but, no way am I going up there.

Yet, when it comes to the body, mostly we take how we are for granted, as a given. After all, how the body ends up being shaped is a product of years of use, a mix of good and bad patterns that slowly but surely get fixed into our very flesh.

My friend suggested that I write a piece on “Gravity and Aging”. So here we are. (Thanks, buddy.) 

There is a problem with talking about gravity as such. Gravity is the single most prominent physical force the body has to deal with. Yet, it is also so constant its presence in our everyday life goes unnoticed. Of course, perhaps we’re reminded it’s there when we drop something, or take a spill ourselves.  Every architect, structural   designer and building trades worker knows the rule: vertical and level. To get that rocket to Mars scientists surely had to take gravity into consideration. Insofar as our body is concerned mainly it doesn’t register. 

Perhaps it’s as Ida Rolf observed, it is so commonplace we don’t notice it. It’s like if you asked a fish, “how’s the water?”  (And if fish could talk . . .) “What water?” Imagine if human beings were adapted to gravity to the same degree as the fish are to their sea.  If dolphins can leap into the air, can we even imagine what leaps might be possible for us humans? 

So what about gravity and aging, you ask?  And the significance of bodily balance. Simply this . . . doesn’t it make just plain common sense that if you are not spending energy holding yourself up, keeping yourself together, that you have more of it for living?  You got to be in it to win it, though.  It takes doing. And when your body is in balance along the lines of gravity you will discover its inner secret:  It uplifts you.  It is supportive, nourishing.  It energizes. You feel great.  You live well.  And, you last longer too. A balanced body self-reinforces itself through balanced posture and balanced movement. It puts you on the path of constructive growth in every way.
Now that you’re all convinced that you should have more gravity in your life, now what to do? 

I do offer motivated clients personalized assistance to balance their bodies along the simple line of gravity. My aim in writing this, however, is to open you to the question and to give some pointers that will get you started.  Should you want a helping hand, there are qualified practitioners in my field you can call on. 

My Rx: This may seem a little strange to you at first; but try it.  Just like when you drive your car you pay attention to your vehicle and the road (unless you’re one of those with a cell phone glued to your ear), so from now on — are you ready — feel your feet.   That’s right, feel your feet

Your feet are the foundation of your body, literally.  By being mindful and including feeling your feet in your awareness you will start creating the habit of paying attention to your body as a whole.  Such mindfulness will soon become an ingrained habit. It will grow to the point where you will become conscious of the felt sense of your whole body and the feelings that are moving through it.  That’s when you will also be able to be aware of the signals your body gives when it is out of balance in gravity.  Then you can make the necessary adjustments yourself.

Easy, comfortable, relaxed is the hallmark of living in balance. It’s in you. Go there.

David D. Wronski has been working exclusively with the traditional approach of Dr. Ida P. Rolf since 1981.  He enjoys living in the historically charming gravitational field in Montclair, New Jersey. Call him at 973.518.2222  Email:

Would that the same kind of energy and interest were applied to learning to adapt to living here in the first place.

Jay Barbee on MSNBC’s Morning Joe December 5, 2014. Commenting on the Orion Space Capsule launch . . .

“What this all means is very simply . . . this is THE project for the survival of the human race, the human species.

”Generations of the future will have to be colonizing Mars. Colonizing the Moon. And other places in the solar system, if this species is going to survive. Because Earth is not going to support us forever." 

Isn't that wonderful. We're taken serious steps to get the hell out of here. 

Rudolf's Nose

Here is a little Holiday shooter that is guaranteed to get 'em off the sofa and around the piano for some spirited caroling.

Caution: one per customer. One at a time, anyway.


Coat the rim of a shot glass or a pony glass with cane sugar crystals.

Cut half way into an maraschino cherry, then coat cherry with sugar.

Combine and chill Eggnog and your choice of "flavoring"* 50/50 

Pour in the chilled Eggnog shooter mixture.

Arrange sugared cherry on edge of glass.

Grate nutmeg on top, and serve.

* Optionals:

* Float the "flavoring" over the Eggnog, but still keep the 50/50 proportion. (It is a shooter after all.)

* Try a fresh cranberry instead of the maraschino cherry.

* Peppermint Schnapps will really seal the deal.

* Make it a slightly larger drink: In a 4 oz. pony glass pour 2 oz. Eggnog (2 jiggers) and 1 oz. "flavoring" (1/2 jigger).


Drink your Rudolf's Nose "nose first".

A fellow rushes into the hospital emergency room, red faced and screaming, "Jalapeno! Jalapeno."

The doctor on staff gives him an Rx for Viagra and sends him on his way.

Thought the fellow was saying, "Hollow Peno!"