My First Miracle

I'm sure that there were many, many more before that one, just that one was one I recognized as miraculous.

One evening going from my home in Brooklyn to a party in Manhattan I was driving north on the East Side Highway. Very low on gas. Very. Feeling anxious. I got off the highway in a very isolated spot somewhere around Delancey Street, way east. The locale was dark and desolate. Empty. Scary place to be alone at night. Even more anxious. 

Fortunately I found a gas station open. After gassing up and back on the highway I noticed I was still anxious. And, quickly realized that there was no longer any reason to feel that way. Immediately, the anxiety lifted. I found myself profoundly present, in the moment. Free.

The party was in a walk up on the upper east side. Climbing the stairs I noticed the hostess had sprinkled rainbow glitter on the steps leading to her apartment. Blew my mind. 

At the party there were a lot of cool people. Studio 54 habitués. Beautiful people. I noticed a handsome fellow there dancing with abandon and joy. He glowed. I met him and said I would like to be more like him. He asked me why not. I said I was afraid. You know that saying, "You can be happy, but not too happy". 

When I confided to him my fear, he said something memorable. It sticks with me today. "Oh, fear. That old thing!"