Don’t Postpone Prosperity. Liquidate Your Assets

My dear departed, sainted mother passed a lot of folk wisdom my way as I grew up; frequently saying things like “a stitch in time saves nine” or “don’t cry over spilt milk” or “early to bed and early to rise makes Jack healthy, wealthy and wise” or “children should be seen and not heard.” That last one used to burn me every time she would use it, usually when she thought I was “speaking up” too much. Now with children of my own, I do see her point. Her cornerstone phrase, ”silence is golden.” In her very later years I asked her if her silence was golden and she replied, ever so sweetly, “Yes, sometimes.” It is a blessing to see your loved ones at peace.

In more recent times the phrase of the moment is, “Those who know don’t say.” I have seen more than my share of idiots in high places who have adopted that as a veneer for knowing. So, beware, just because someone isn’t saying, doesn’t necessarily mean that they be knowing. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. (I used to think that all people of Chinese or Indian descent were imbued with the wisdom of the ages.)

The other thing mom used to often say is, “health is wealth.” She taught me to ask God to give good health to my family members (and, lastly myself) as part of my nighttime prayer and it stuck with me as a habit into my adult years. Problem is that most of my family members didn’t seem to be enjoying very much good health. (George to Gracie…”Did your parents enjoy good health?” Gracie…”Oh, Yes! They loved it.”) I have never given up on God, but apparently not having my prayers answered has led me to ask some basic questions. Aside from the usual ones—which most everyone already has answered—like…who is God?, who am I?, where do I come from?, where am I going?, what’s it all about?...I have spent a good deal of time exploring health; just what is it in the first place, and how do you get it? And, if you got it, how do you keep it? I think everyone also has the answer to that as well.

Yes, we’ve heard it all before. Do…eat right, get enough rest, exercise. But, who has time for that. There are more important things to do. And, the classic don’ smoking, drinking (too much), carousing. Yah, right. Sure. What’s life for then? Spring break! 24/7. Yeah! That would be just fine if we could keep it up. Reminds me of what a friend of mine turning 60 years of age said, “If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.”

So, what is health? No symptoms seems to be the common notion of what health is. And our health care system is mostly geared to provide that. As an illustrious member of the medical fraternity put it, “the American healthcare system is very good at keeping sick people alive.” Don’t yell at me; someone else said it (and in the NY Times to boot.) Look it up. The American healthcare system is at its best in what I call crisis care—when there’s an accident or, when something breaks. The technology to address those kinds of situations is miraculous. But, health care in general? Chris Rock said, “Follow the money. There ain’t no money in a cure, there’s money in drugs.” So let’s be frank, drugs is mainly to take the edge off, cover over the problem. Not, make it go away. My barber, the great Richard of Phoenix, predicted that the next new great drug will be called “copacetic”—if the smile lasts for more than 4 hours, call your doctor. (I really like the way Viagra has made a mandatory negative side effect disclosure into a positive selling point…”If it lasts for more than 4 hours.” The comedian Dennis Miller said, “If I have an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours, I’m calling all my friends.”)

My dear dad complained of being sick almost every day of his life that I remember. He was the best informed man I ever met; from reading all those magazines in the doctor’s waiting room. When he passed away I had to dispose of multiple jars full of assorted pills. Actually, I had a doctor friend of mine carry the bag full of those jars to the trash can; he didn’t know what was inside. I kept the poetic irony of his deed as my little secret.

That may have something to do with the fact that I have gone into the health care profession. My particular line of development has to do with working with modalities that first seek natural and innately available means. With Reiki healing it is the vital force itself and with Rolf Structural Integration it is the force of gravity. Most people ask, just what is the vital force? Well, the difference between a living human being and a corpse, that's the vital force. And gravity, so commonplace and ubiquitous, but so overlooked—in terms of its impact on health and performance.

But, that’s a whole nother thing.