The Great Wronskoni

Mr. Trump—you know him, the most famous man in the world, the one who is suspected of grooming his hair with a cotton candy machine (but really, it's a squirrel pelt)—discovered him.

Uncle Pervis (The Pelvis) Wronski, aka The Great Wronskoni. "The Pelvis" from his early stage days as an escape artist and contortionist. The legend is that he could pass through a key hole. His ex-wife called him a "little worm". So it might have some truth to it.

As homage to his benefactor The Donald, The Great One also styles his hair in similar fashion. The Wronski family is rooting for his stage success. It is heavily invested in cotton candy machine company stocks. 

The Great Wronskoni is an illusionist, a prestidigitator and a sleight of hand artist. He can't cook worth a damn, but he brings home the bacon. You may know of him from his star making trick of transforming the Leaning Tower of Pisa to all right and straight. It was a sensation, not the least for how badly the Pisanners took it. Who knew? Seems they don't want that tower put right after all. It's a money maker the way it is.

Uncle is thinking about disappearing the Taj Mahal as a next big effect. His manager is advising him against it. Seems Pervis is partial to the pakoras and pilafs. The fear is that he could be banned from Bangalore to Bangladesh if he pulled off the Taj Mahal trick.

Check the Arts section of you newspaper for appearances near you.  

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