And, Only from the Cutting Edge R&D Laboratories of EmCoTech

EmCoTech already has a fortune 500 reputation as a pioneer at the cutting edge. Now, to the moon. Literally. (Newt Gingrich, take notice. EmCoTech is there first.)

By now you surely are aware of the “por favor” party favor of the rich and famous, the Bucket of Mud Kit®™©. Or, the cutting edge culinary kitchen tool, the Vulcomagic Kitchen Appliance®™©. (Click here to bone up on Bucket of Mud Kit®™© and Vulcomagic KitchenAppliance®™©, those amazing premier innovations from EmCoTech)

You may not be as familiar with iToast®™©, the 21st Century appliance that lets you put the image on the toast, instead of you waiting around like a schmuck wondering if the Jesus will show up on your breakfast table. On the toast, that is. Here is the skinny on iToast®™©.

So, EmCoTech, what have you done for us lately?

First a little background so that the avalanche of media scrutiny will have all the facts to work with. EmCoTech is the brainchild of someone who, in fact, is a child herself. The lovely Emma. Just, Emma; sort of like Madonna, Beyonce, Sting, or Prince. The mission she set for the company is emblazoned on the corporate logo, “The Best of Old & New”. Fulfilling that mission, Emma and her associates have a wide embrace. To wit, the LizarRockaMoonBeam®™©

Introducing the first venture of EmCoTech outside the culinary realm. When you understand the basic technology behind LizarRockaMoonBeam®™© it’ll be obvious how this new venture is truly a seamless extension of what has gone before. Think lizards and rockets. And, the moon as a vast underutilized promotional resource.

LizarRockaMoonBeam®™© technology will let anyone, for a price, plaster their message on the moon. Simple as that. Well, it’s not that simple, but the heavy lifting has been done by EmCoTech. Whether you are an advertiser of products and services or just young Larry Smith who wants to surprise his intended with a special proposal of marriage, it’ll sure to get noticed up there right on the moon. If you are thinking this might be offensive to some, like Emma herself says, “Well, silly, just don’t look!” The issues of full exposure owing to waxings and wanings have also been thought through. At times when the moon is not full, LizarRockaMoonBeam®™© will illuminate the entire orb to give the same effect. No worries.

Please contact the Customer Service Department for more information. Please, no looky-loo’s. This thing ain’t cheap; so if you have to ask, it probably isn’t for you. But, consider this: you know how pricey and scarce advertising time is during the Super Bowl television coverage? LizarRockaMoonBeam®™© gives several multiple factors more of impact and reach. You tell us what that’s worth. The cost per thousand is pennies.

Here is Emma in the early days. The photo was taken when she ran into the house with her inspiration for the Bucket of Mud.

And here, in her official corporate portrait.

Emma is a red carpet star. Here she is vogueing for the paparazzi. Notice the rocket ship, a hint early on prefiguring things to come.

Here are just a few treatments. All graphics customized to your own requirements.

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