Saved Things

My daughters made this small sack for me when they were very young. Just like every boy often does, I save little mementos from the past. The sack comes in handy for all my treasures after all these years.

My younger daughter Kristie made this patriotic coaster for me when she was in grade school. The Marine insignia comes from my Uncle Henry who was a combat veteran of WWII.

My dad always wore a fedora hat with a fancy feather decoration in the band. These were his. Also, his badge when he worked at the Dodge Main automotive assembly plant in Hamtramck, Michigan. He always proudly wore his UAW retirement pin in his suit coat lapel.

My father was a Polish gentleman. I remember how when driving past a Catholic church, without fail he would doff his hat in respect.

My daughter's handy work for my Christmas tree. And, a jade heart. 

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