Valentine's Day
Be sure to open your Valentine . . .

We are introducing you to the heart throb of the Wronski family, young strapping Cousin Valentine. Undeniably, the pinnacle of Wronski genetic potential. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. He, he just wants to get on his pony and ride.

Excuse the photo, Val is seen here after just getting back from a long day in the saddle getting all sweaty and hot, searching hither and yon for a little lost baby lamb. Aw, shucks. How cute is that?

He was even thoughtful enough to go to town on his way back to pick up the biggest box of candies and a big red rose, just for you. That kitten in the photo is his constant companion, little miss Fluffy. And, as you may have guessed, he got Mom to bake something just for you. Mom's apple pie. (Val is, after all, the apple of her eye.)

Now, ladies, some words to the wise. Certainly Val has more than enough muscle for a good tussle. And he isn't near done sowing his wild oats. But, he is a sensitive New Age kind of guy. Maybe even a little bashful. So, please, be gentle.

All Wronski's are lovers. Val takes the cake. And, the girls too.

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