Shravanabelagola Bahubali

The 58' 8" high statue of Bahubali, referred to as ‘Gomateshwara’, is situated atop Vindhyagiri, a 438 foot high hill located in Shravanabelagola in southern India. It is the largest monolith statue in the world. It was carved out of a single block of granite and was installed in the 10th century AD.
It is told he meditated in the "body-abandonment" posture for so long a time vines grew up to entwine his body.
Imagine standing quiet and motionless for such a long time. Is this an image of human will power and physical strength? Or, does it represent a total surrender and equipoise? 
Bahubali is a major figure in Jain hagiography. His story exemplifies the inner strength of Indian culture, the ideal of the man who conquers selfishness, jealousy, pride and anger.
Note: Retouching to colorize vines and leaves, fig leaf superimposed.
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