I had a friend and colleague who would charmingly answer the telephone, “Tele-psyche.”

Which gets one to thinking . . .

Swami Muktananda said, “Psychic powers merely sweep the path of a great being.”

By “sweep the path” I understand that the right way to deal with so-called psychic impressions is to completely and ruthlessly ignore them. And, by doing this, you reinforce your stance in the present moment. Thus, the Path asks you not to distract yourself with the temptation to frame your living reality in some higher order, exotic or rarified narrative. And, to eschew doing this to others, whether it be motivated by the greatest intentions or merely to make a buck.

It is very tempting to see the world in terms of deeper or higher meanings. But life is not something that you can grasp intellectually. The Reality of It is, direct, and ineffable. To frame it conceptually is to perpetuate a dream. Howsoever beautiful, it is nonetheless a dream.

Now, to wake up.


Or, I'm gonna to put a spell on you . . .

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