Uncle Snaptuczek Wronski

We were rummaging in the attic and in an old box of snapshots there was this long forgotten portrait of the great man himself. Uncle Snaptuczek Wronski, known as “Snappy” in the old Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell-Sherman Billingsley-Toots Shor Broadway days.

Snappy was, as the photo attests, “The Genius of the Camera”. Henri Cartier-Bresson, however, he wasn’t. He did have that man’s knack for getting the image at the right moment; how they say, the “decisive moment”; just that Snappy usually got the awkward moment: the guy with his pants down, and the girl adjusting her underwear. There is supposed to be a whole collection of famous celebrities and political bigwigs shown in the act of picking their noses. When those turn up we figure we can quit our day jobs and retire to live the leisure life in a rustic cabin on Lake Tahoe.

You know that shot from the Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe and her skirt lifted by the air from a subway train running below? No, he didn’t take that one. He was there though. He got the one nobody ever saw; and we are still hunting for it. It’s supposed to be a doozy. Rumor has it that it features the blond bombshell “pouring out” of a Duesenberg Phaeton.

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