Uncle Wolvechek Mitzevsczelenke Wronski went by both "Wolfy" and "Mitzy". I don't think it's too hard to understand why, from this 1957 photo at Romanoff's in Beverly Hills. Here he is hobnobbing with two local beauties.

He was a special friend of Jayne's since it was Wolfy who came up with the bright idea of calling the bumper extensions seen on the Cadillacs during most of the 1950s decade, "Jayne Manfields". According to Mitzy it was him what gave GM the idea in the first place. He claimed that they brought him in to size check their design. Did I mention he had legendary large hands, hence the nickname. He had some "mitts", get it? Anyhow, he was finally satisfied with their larger iteration. "It's just right." He found the lovely Ms. Mansfield ''just right" also, but he didn't elaborate.

Sophia Loren that evening was reported to have cornered Uncle Wolfy, and put her jealous question to him hotly, "Whata she got, I no have!?" Mitzy was a "hands on" man, and after a little first hand observation, he replied, "Nottin'".

Check it out below. Some bumpers?

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