Bend Over. It's Coming.

[Apropos of nothing, really . . . "That's what she said!"]

Photo Credit: Sara Lee Douwe Egberts / Sanex

You know, the Singularity. A time predicted not too far off in the future when computers will be not just as intelligent as humans, they'll be completely intelligent. They will know everything. We can all take a back seat. It will be a totally Point-and-Shoot world.

Glimmerings are everywhere. There are already Apps to let you know what nice restaurants and shops are in the vicinity of where you are at any moment. Most online sellers are suggesting things to you based not only on your demographic profile, but your buying patterns; possibly even your browsing patterns. You know all those smart kids running IT companies? They're all running around like hungry ghosts trying to figure out how to algorithm the data you provide just by hunting and clicking on the Internet. Hopefully to figure out ways to predict what you might want. How they can "monetize" you. It may even go so far they will start not only to suggest what you might want, but got the extra mile to tell you what you want. What you should do.

Our education system is pretty much geared for generating the kind of docile consumers and workers that fit right into such a scenario.

The other shoe we are waited for to drop is the hardware. The kind that will be so small it can be implanted into the human body. Google Glass is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about it. 

In other words we can look forward to the day when the technology is so integrated and so minuscule you will have it shoved so far up your ass you'll never know it's there. Google Glass? Hell no! "Google Ass!" Newborns will be required by law to be implanted. Circumcision will, naturally, be done away with; so barbaric.

Then on a real time basis, moment to moment you can be in touch with a completely, flawlessly intelligent source for all your information needs. You will have the semblance of choice. But why bother, it's taken care of for you.

The boondoggle in this is that from time immemorial human beings have had this capacity. Just read any of the wise books. The Source is accessible. And, it's free! It's also for Real.

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