A Handfull!
Here is Cousin Pjotr Jalisco ("PJ") Wronski back in the day when everyone who was anyone in Glamtown turned up for his annual birthday bash. No cameras after the opening cocktail time. Just let us say that there was a mountain of wet clothes and scattered car keys by party end. Pre-paparazzi, you know.

Cousin "PJ" was quite the pick up artist. And, himself also, quite a handful. His memorable line when meeting a damsel of potential conquest, "I could spend my life in your arms, dazzled and bewitched by the beauty of a lovely lady like you." Bees to honey, that line. It's not just the words though, you have to believe it. And then, sell it. Which, of course, he obviously did. He had chutzpah, before they had a name for it.

As the photo image clearly demonstrates "PJ" got results. He was "in" in Hollywood. Ms. Monroe was said to have gushed, "That boy sure knows how to straighten my seams."

"PJ" was on the set for this scene. Marilyn insisted. "He's my inspiration!" If you have to know, she was singing the song just for him.

He famously pleaded, "broaden the spot light!" As usual, spot on "PJ".

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