A Donald Trump Presidency

Cheesy ... Great!

By now it's pretty well hashed out how Mr. Trump's success in his bid for the Republican Party's nomination for the 2016 Presidential election is, to date — albeit, surprising, even amazing — 
a result of public distrust and disaffection with the political process in general, together with the encroachment of special interests dominating public discourse and policy. 

People are fearful. People are pissed. People feel powerless. And, Mr. Trump is the past master at capitalizing on the lowest subconscious motivators in the prevailing zeitgeist. He's not pissed. He gets even. He's not fearful. He's confident. He's powerful. Just what we need. Yes?

Here's a scenario which we could likely see should he be elected as Commander in Chief. 

A word regarding Democracy in general. Keep in mind, Mr. Trump is a businessman. And, a successful one. At least by his own estimation. Lets' not debate that, though. He certainly can be described as an individual who's will is hardened to getting what he wants, as he seems to project a rare kind of unquestionable certainty of purpose and motivation. 

If you've ever worked for a living, you know that Democracy ends as soon as you enter the work place. The boss rules. Yes, there are legal recourses to abuses. But, in general, your job is pretty much at the pleasure of the boss. You do what you're told. Mr. Trump is a boss. Just wondering how he will adjust to working in a collaborative model, having to sort through differing points of view and opposition to his agenda from many directions.

Maybe, though, he will attempt to adjust the system itself to his style. Remember, the ethos is "to win". And, from my take of it, he seems to be willing to win at any cost. "Scorched Earth" is a useful metaphor as a form of verbal usage, but an actual scorched earth is a whole other thing. 

So here's The Donald in the Oval Office. He wants to do great things for the country. Of course, he's right. He meets opposition within his own administration. Simple. Fire the bastard(s). Dumb! Done! Next? (That, by the way, was a favorite phrase of a one Mr. Robert "Bob" Crandall, former President and Chairman of American Airlines. A legend. Also, a tough SOB.)

Opposition in Congress? No problem. Remember, no matter what the electoral vote, if Trump wins he'll spin it as a mandate. And, the key point will be that business concerning the dissatisfaction with the inaction of the legislature and its beholdingness to special interests. 

In other words, the leverage will be that if you oppose the President, you will be seen as playing politics as usual and at the behest of the lobbyists. It seems people are pretty much fed up with the business of politics as usual. Insert here, public outcry. That may be enough of a stick to bring lawmakers into line. If not, then come the mid-term elections, the folks who voted Mr. Trump into office will vote in some new faces who will see eye-to-eye with the Great Man.

Further — as we got a hint of it during the Bush fils administration — anyone who opposes him could run the risk of being seen as unpatriotic. 

That's one possibility. If so, then we can all sit back and munch our Cheetos and let our Fearless Leader move us over the horizon to our destined greatness. Confident that he's the man for the job ... for no reason more than that he says so. Admittedly, most confidently. 

It's the art of the deal, folks. Who's sold?

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