A Traditional Polish Easter 

When I was a boy every Saturday before Easter Sunday my mother would bring a beautifully prepared basket of food to our Immaculate Conception Church to be blessed. The basket would have a sampling of the foods for the Easter Sunday meal.This continues to be the Lenten Polish Catholic tradition.

We used the same graceful wicker basket every year. Lined with a spotless white cloth napkin there would be a delicious assortment of Kielbasa sausage, baked Ham, decorated hard boiled Eggs, Chrzan (a mixture of grated Hosrseradish and Beets) — de rigueur for the meats and eggs — a butter lamb, bread, maybe a chocolate bunny, sometimes a cake in the shape of a lamb.

Easter is the most joyous holiday in the Christian calendar. Especially when Springtime was showing itself at it's best, Easter Sunday was indeed a blessed day. You could feel it in the sunshine, and smell it in the air. In your heart.

Happy Easter.

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