Whatever, if any, settled notion(s) you may have about me — or, about yourself — know this is what I have set out to undo. 

My aim is to be a good example. No need for you to agree or understand. You're invited to follow. 

We all live in some framework. Some adjust the framework as new information enters. Others, assiduously attempt to maintain the status quo. Unaware perhaps that the seeming intrusions of different or new inputs may be actually useful. Blessings in disguise.
Few, are self aware to seeing that in fact there is a framework. Nothing wrong with frameworks. Just to know they are provisional, at best. Relative. Made up. False, really, to the core.

— Carl Gustav Jung "The Philosophical Tree

“A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbour.”


I once met one of my heroes, R. D. Laing. This stays with me: In a conversation on how to rid the world of its problems, I said I was going to purify my heart. He said ... that is most anyone can do.

From Mooji ... Rishikesh March 11, 2016:

There's nothing wrong with anything in the world. There's nothing wrong with having a job, a family. Nothing wrong in themselves. But, if they have become symbols of freedom for you, then you will be disappointed. If they can be enjoyed inside your Freedom, great! Enjoy, but don't say, "This is who I am." There are Powers in the Universe that have a joy that you are here amongst the mass of human beings. There are Great Powers in the Universe that support your Presence Here and your search, if your search is genuine and for deliverance and Truth. All over the world satsang is taking place in various forms. I have to say this to you and those who can hear this, that you will feel resistence, but it is necessary in order to awaken in you the aspiration for Freedom. You have to fight for yourself but I will fight with you, for you, but only if you are willing to fight for yourself, also. If you have even a hint of what awaits you, it is worth it. It is greater than anything in the world and I am not against the world. I enjoy my life also and bless life, but this is for Freedom. There's no real freedom on the planet if it doesn't begin inside your Heart.Otherwise, it will only be theatre, only some play. So, resistence will come but you say, "I am able to hear you." Sometimes a space opens up and you can really hear things deeply so that in your hearing a great space opens up inside, a great peace, a great love that no matter if you tried by human effort, you could not reach this love. And yet, in your recognition of your True Place, it is releasing this Love. Abundant Love and Peace. So, don't apologise for being here. Don't apologise for your existence because it is written for you that your awakening will somehow spread Light in this world. Not everybody has to become a guru. Your very awakening, your recognition is a great healing for so many, beginning with yourself. So, don't be surprised that sometimes you get a mind attack. But, you have every power in you to transcend that. That's the greatness of the game. Whatever mind can bring, greater still is the One who dwells in your Heart. Don't be afraid.



"Things are not what they seem;
Nor are they otherwise."


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