Let's look at the human body arrangement from the point of view of arcs, or diaphragms. The figure below is a general introduction to that concept. More though, it is intended to demonstrate an experience of the breath in its fullest expression. Not just a concept, but a "percept" that you can see for yourself right there in your own breathing pattern.

It does require spending some quiet time; alone, undistracted, simply watching the movement of your breathing. While it is subtle, it is definite. You will notice how the breath not only moves your respiratory diaphragm in the middle of your torso and your rib cage; but, all the diaphragms throughout the body expand and contract upon inspiration and expiration.

Sense the plates in your cranium float outward and upward, expanding on the in breath. The soles of your feet pressing downward. Your whole body moving out in all directions. Your spine lengthening; indeed, your body lengthening. The spinal curves becoming more shallow, less round.

On the out breath, the reverse. Again, not by a lot, but there to experience when you quiet yourself enough to notice the inner workings of your body.

Especially for all my scientist and clinician friends and associates who are investing so much to dissecting the breath and its patterns in all its granular vicissitudes and mechanistic therepeutics. Don't forget to know your own breath directly, from the inside out. It will inform your science and practice by at least a half measure more. We'll let you quantify the benefit precisely, however.

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