Some Sherso! So Shi(r)tzy

This is dedicated to that great “comicatura”but, only when she’s in the moodsoprano Sarah Levine Simon (Click here for her website. Be sure to look at the inspired YouTube videos under Recipes ).

INSCRIPTION: If every oyster in the sea only heard the serenity of the deep there would be no pearls for my lady. It takes a storm to stir things up to get that little grain of sand going.

First, listen to this.

Then read my wonderfully (riotously?) hilarious commentary.

Followed by a much needed musical chaser.

In these postmodern times there are many ways to appreciate that particular scherzo. If you cheer with the audience then you are definitely postmodern ("whatever") due to possibly not being born before the Reagan administration. If you think this schatzie’s sherso is really rather shi(r)tzo, then you are definitely not of the postmodern “whatever” sensibility. If you’ve been reading too much Deridda on the can [while you are on the commode have yourself a good Foucault as well] you might be someone who assumes our beauty queen is simply bringing some pre-postmodern irony to her interpretation. Or, a lame homage to Victor Borge. Really? No? Whatever.

Regardless where you come out in the taste wars, you have to admit—while he may not be the looker—Vladamir is prettier.

Now, enjoy. Really!

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