Front End Lifter

Two of the amusing things about Viagra that come to mind. 1) The unabashed media shilling for the introduction of the product by the once great Senator Bob Dole. 2) The wise crack by comedian Dennis Miller, saying that if he had an erection that lasted more than four hours he would call all his friends.

The situation has evolved to the point where now that drug and other similar prescriptions are now being promoted as just another normal everyday thing to take when you need a little help down there. We are not going to weight in on whether anyone should or shouldn't take a schwantz pill. Just a few comments on some things that may have gone unnoticed in all the enthusiasm. Specifically, something to keep in mind about the possible unintended consequences of using a pharmaceutical front end lifter as a staple prelude.

In general the drug industry is positioning more and more of its products as every day necessities. Also, transforming normal life changes as medical problems for whichyou guessed itthere is a pill to fix it. Surely, you have noticed? When its profits firstand it most certainly seems to bewe wonder just how much drug companies really have our well being in mind in their aggessive marketing of their wares.

As you probably know from personal experience, as you age the production of seminal fluid begins to slow. You just don't come back the way you used to as when you were a young man. As you age further, the production is slower yet and libido becomes muted. Big Pharma labels this Erectile Dysfunction and has invested millions to convince us that the fix is in their bottle. Ca Ching!

I'm talking to men now, so any lady reader should be advised if in you find yourself at point in the reading. Please don't play the offended card if the language bruises your ears.

But, guys, if you are slow to get it up, as Groucho Marx was to have put it, "Bend one in." A good water soluble lubricant for an assist to get to the goal. Once you're there, junior will wake up, I guarantee it. On that point, be sure your lady partner is ready. And, interested in the first place. It takes two to tango. There's nothing more stimulating than the readiness of your partner. Or, as the Ancient Chinese dictum (pun intended) goes, "Wait for the water to boil before adding the peas and carrot." Or, the chivalrous take, "Ladies come first."

This is not so much about having a little front end lifter. It's about something that is virtually unspoken of on the subject of sexual activity. Is it not an assumed fact that for the average male it is a given that part and parcel to sexual activity is a climax? Did you ever question that assumption? When you are a strapping young stud, it doesn't seem to be a question at all. But for the mature man, losing your vitality in an ejaculation does tend to slow you down. At around 35 years of age, for the average guy, you start to notice this. You not only take time to recover, you feel a little slowed down too.

Now, however, with a schwantz pill you can get around that slowing down cycle. I wonder, though, how it feels on the other side of the experience. You know how your coach in school advised you to abstain from sex so you would have all your energy for the game day? If a depletion of energy is an issue even for a young man, imagine what it is for a mature or older person. If you are an avid ED drug user you may be depleting your energy faster than it recovers. Hastening your demise? Looking like a zombie, all grey and lifeless.

What to do? Again, reconsider the almost universal assumption that for a man, sex = ejaculation. No, sex is not just a climax; but no climax with sexual activity is typically not an option. Who would even consider that as an option. There is such a thing as seminal retention. Husbanding and redirecting that vital energy.

HUGE RED FLAG on this point. If you do look into withholding your seminal flow, get some proper instruction. This is not a casual affair. The energies are potent and, unless you learn to redirect the energy flow, you will explode. Just kidding. But it's not a good thing to do this without guidance of a teacher knowledgeable in this aspect of Yoga Tantra or Qi Gung. Search terms like "Sexual Tantra", "Sexual Alchemy", "Completing the Microcosmic Orbit" for more information. Just be advised, this is not casual stuff, but requires practice and discipline.

Here's another alternative, the "Front End Lifter" . . .

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