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First a little background so that the avalanche of media scrutiny will have all the facts to work with right there up front. 

EmCoTech is the brainchild of someone who, in fact, was a child herself. The lovely Emma.

Just, Emma. Sort of like Madonna, Beyonce, Sting, or Rumplestilskin. The mission she set for the company is emblazoned on the corporate logo, “The Best of Old & New ... Over the Top if At All Possible”. Fulfilling that mission, Emma and her associates have a wide embrace.

Here is Emma in the early days. The photo was taken when she ran into the house with her inspiration for the "Bucket of Mud".

And, who has not heard of the Bucket of Mud, that surprising kiddie “cake” molded in a common galvanized bucket. It is served unmoulded and at first looks like just what the name would suggest, a bucket of mud. 

But, this Bucket of Mud is studded with firecrackers for candles. When lit, the combined effect is to blast open all that mud in said bucket create an explosion of mud going in all directions. You could say that this dish literally flies off the plate.

EMCO — now EmCoTech — was founded on this first success and their Bucket of Mud Kit®™© is a best seller, available only at better kitchen supply stores internationally. In each kit you will find all you need: a bucket, 144 firecrackers, several plastic bibs, and a generous supply of wet naps. Mud is extra. 329 varieties of mud are available for every taste and for every pocketbook. Illegal in most states. They have a work around; just ask.
Not content to rest on her laurels, Emma — who by the way makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker, and makes Emeril’s “BAM!” sound more like a "bing" — is now introducing products no one should be without. 
So, EmCoTech, what have you done for us lately?

Well, for example, there's the LizarRockaMoonBeam®©:

Introducing the first venture of EmCoTech outside the culinary realm. When you understand the basic technology behind LizarRockaMoonBeam®© it’ll be obvious how this new venture is truly a seamless extension of what has gone before. Think lizards and rockets. And, the moon as a vast underutilized promotional resource.

 CLICK to be amazed by LizarRockaMoonBeam®©.

Culinary? Yes, we did mention culinary. That's where EmCoTech has its roots. Not like in root vegetables, per se. But, "roots" as in, where it starts. But, come to think of it, it could be vegetables.

By now everyone should be acquainted with iTOAST©. You probably had your breakfast with an iTOAST© delivering perfect slices of toast with ever new amusing and/or inspiring custom designs.

You don't know about iTOAST©? Really!!!??? 

CLICK for the full skinny on iTOAST©!

Come back. There's more. So much more!

Take the Vulcomagic Kitchen Appliance.®©

Take it? 

No! Buy it!

CLICK to get your Vulcomagic Kitchen Appliance.®©.

Just to say, it brings the heat into the kitchen.

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