Demystified ... A Secret of the Universe

"The [Illusory] Appearance of Separateness"

So, it's like this. Like this. Not really this. Just, in a manner of speaking:

First let's start with a clean slate. Let's say there's a white writing board. 

On it, let's fill it in all over with black.

Then, erase a bunch of spots to create stars.

They all seem quite separate, don't they.

But ... Get an eraser.

Now, start erasing.

Erase some more.

Erase everything.

So, now consider ... In the image above the stars appear as separate. But if you remove the dark space between them ... it's all the same. Only one. Sort of like all things are connected at their center. 

Maybe you've heard of the analogy of the waves and the ocean. Surface waves appearing separate, really one at their depth. 

In this analogy you can say the black represents ignorance. Covering over the intrinsic unity of all. 

Then there's Yoga. No, not the stretching and bending stuff. Well, that's an aspect of it. But, not all of it.

The all of it [Yoga] is the erasing of what's not real to reveal the intrinsic oneness. And, even oneness is not quite the right way to put it. Since, when you say one, two is automatically created. 

Let's say ... The One without a second. Non-dual.

Or, say nothing at all. 

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