Farmers Market


When I was a boy (some would suggest I was never anything but) my mother cooked mainly from scratch, and my parents shopped for fresh fruits and vegetables every Saturday at a nearby farmers market in Poletown, Detroit. You could get everything seasonally fresh, supplanted by imports such as citrus from Florida. Sometimes even, a kitten or a pup.

Alas, the Chene-Ferry Street Farmers Market in my hometown Detroit is no longer anything except an abandoned ruin.

But, the historic Eastern Market is a very thriving affair located in the city's main wholesale food distribution center near Downtown Detroit.

And, in New Jersey where we are currently residing, we shop the local Farmers Market in Paterson most Saturdays in the growing season.

Besides fruit and produce at its freshest at good prices, I also shop for smiles. Also in abundance, as you can see. . .

Angels from Tabernacle, New Jersey

A True Jersey Tomato . . . Princess

"No squeezing the tomatoes!" But, we're tempted.

 Rockin' the radish.

Dad's best helper.

Boyfriend's away at college. Life goes on.

Undaunted by the cold weather.


It takes a tough guy to grow tender chive blossoms.

The "Dolly Parton" Tomato

 Chrysanthemum Queen

Spring 2013
(He's smiling. Really.)

Spring 2014

Notice Any Resemblance?

Spring 2015

 Some Farm Animal

Another Farm Animal

Wedding Bells Will Be Ringing

Exchanging Pickling Techniques (and Blessings) 
with Beautiful Hungarian Lady

Growing a Crop of His Own

Ms. Jacinta on Her Sofrito Recipe . . . with Lots of Love

Michele T. Fillion 

Wronski - Fillion Duo

Antonio Vacchiano Montclair Framer's Markets Spring 2015

Ricky Himself 
(THE Radish Connection) 

Danny Adickes

Growing Up On the Farm (Summer 2015)

This lovely Muslin lady of Turkish descent blessed us with her presence and her eyes. 

We started our conversation over the question of whether the zucchini was grown with hormones since some were so large. Fact is zucchini will grow and grow until you pick them. The old joke is, "You know who your friends are if you grow zucchini in your garden." [It can be so abundant you have to give it away. And give it away. And ... You get the idea.]

The Tradition Continues ... 2016

She Knows Her Onions

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