What You Call That?

On New York City subways there's this seemingly rather common problem called "manspreading". When a fellow takes up too much room by having his legs splayed wide. There's even a poster campaign against it. This is what it looks like.

So, now, my deal is this. What do you call it when the other gender does it. Maybe not literally on the subway. Not yet, anyway. But, if you're like me and connect to Yoga and Dance pages on the social media, you begin to notice a whole bunch of photo images of yoginis and ballerinas posed with legs spread to 180 degrees. And, more. 

Doesn't anyone think it draws the male gaze? It does mine. No complaints. Just noticing a rather sharp increase in the spread eagle among the ladies. Surely someone knows we'll look.

So, now, what do we call that?
Here's what it might look like when all the stops are out.

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