Gravity We Hardly Know Ye

I've been making a lot of a case for the fact that we ignore Gravity in a significant way. And, for doing so, we live in default of our birthright for true balance, below of our inborn natural potential for sound health, top performance, and full creativity. 

Our bodies are segmented and articulating structures. Standing erect and moving about presents particular challenges. All those parts have to fit and move in a coordinated way. Just like it is for any structure on this Earth, the dictates of Gravity apply to the human structure too.

In terms of the dictates of Gravity the human body works best when it is nicely stacked up, all even and level. In architecture and the building trades the term it's called, "Plumb and Square".

Gravity is so constant and ever present we become inured to its effects. We know well enough from childhood the first time we learned to stack blocks. Things have to stack up to balance. Not so much an idea at first; just an observable fact.

Yet, in the makeup of our bodies we live below our potential for such simple, natural balance.  What's more, it's so commonplace we fail to recognize it as such.

We don't do anything about it until problems surface. Maybe if we are athletes or performers we understand that our performance and creativity have to do with the "tuning" of our bodies. Then, maybe we engage the prospect of bodily balance directly. But, once the wolf is at the door, bodily balance as such isn't an idea we really care much about. It's just, "Fix it!"

Part of the contract I have as a professional is to make an earnest attempt to explain to those I work with that symptom relief and improvements are by-products of the global balancing of the body along the lines of Gravity.

This concept was clear to me when I first went to get Rolfed. The results were, in fact, so impressive I chose this field when I decided to make a career shift to a life of human service.

So now I continue to promote the "shift" in the culture at large to that of transforming our relationship with Gravity from being a mere concept, to being a percept. That is, awakening my fellows to the benefits of living in structural balance. Having an active, conscious and constructive relationship to the energy field of the Earth.

After all, it's not just a very good idea. It's huge, in fact. And, what's really "huge", Mr. Trump, is that you feel it. Plain as day. It feels right. It feels at home.

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