Great Grandmother
Great Grandmother

One of our favorite Chinese restaurants is the Hunam Noodle House in Parsippany, New Jersey. We discovered it on a trip to what is now a favorite Indian food store, Subzi Mandi.

Hunam Noodle House is a family run restaurant. When we first started going there the very young son and daughter would be at a back table doing homework. As you can see from a few photos below the kids are growing up. Nicely.

Last week we had lunch there and met Great Grandmother. 90 years old this year. Beautiful soul. Her face says it all. She's visiting her family in the USA and will soon go back to her village home in China.

I usually keep a camera handy, but that time I left it at home. So we went back the next week and asked for some photos. It became quite a session. 

As I said, the faces say it all.

Great Grandmother doesn't speak English. She was gesturing with her hands something we didn't understand. Her Granddaughter told us she was saying there is no "power" in her hands. Probably meaning, no energy. Chi. She accepted my offer to massage her hands. After which she took off her shoes and gestured to do the same with her feet. Even raising her slacks legs for me to work on the calves and knees. Know that she is a simple woman who's lived her life in a village in China. So doing this in the middle of a restaurant didn't deter her. Or me. 

When you contact people professionally with your hands as I do, you get a sense of someone's essence through touch, sensing the quality of the tissue. Great Grandmother is healthy and strong. A testament to good simple living and simple goof hard work. 

I remarked, "Like a tree" ...

I originally intended to only get a photo portrait of Great Grandmother. 

Then it became a family affair ...

Mother and Son

Granddaughter Tina and Great Granddaughter Rainie

Mother, Dad, Daughter, Great Grandmother

They asked to pose for a picture with Michele. And then, one with me.

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