Moses: Pharoah! Let my people go!

Pharoah: Which way? Where?

You probably have heard about Moses. He's the one in the Old Testament Bible who led his people — the Jews captive in ancient Egypt — out of slavery and toward their promised land. Also, along the way, he went up a mountain and received the 10 Commandments. 

Interesting thing about Moses. Here is Charlton Heston in the role of Moses in the classic movie The Ten Commandments.

At an early part of the story our hero finds himself captive. Notice the staff lashed to his back and his arms and wrists bound. A literal image of subjugation and enslavement. Later he rises above his captors and is seen as the leader of his people. That staff is now in his hands. Upright. A symbol of authority and power. 

In metaphysics there are the horizontal and vertical planes. The horizontal represents the world. The vertical represents transcendence. So, now look at the captive and the emancipated Moses. See the horizontal bar? The vertical staff?

The Christian cross holds the same symbolism. The horizontal plane of the mundane world. The vertical ascendant. And Christ in the very center.

Something to contemplate. The Judeo-Christian narrative still rocks.

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