There's probably more written about the relationship between the sexes than any other topic. And, the differences. Sounds right, huh? Who knows. Maybe. It hunts. Let that not stop me from Wrambling a bit about it anyway.

It seems there is a difference in fact between men and women. Did you notice that too? Kind of like the question, how do you tell a male chromosome from a female chromosome? Answer: you pull down their genes. Of course, nowadays, who knows what's going on down there.

[See what I did just then. That's me "wrambling". It's a thing, you know. Stylistically. Not too many practitioners of the trade. Thanks Gott im Himmel! Right?]

Well there's the men. We're the romantics. We develop a picture of an idealized woman in fantasy along the way as we grow up. In fantasy. No doubt, a good bit of mom gets in the mix. Maybe some impressions from other social environs; the family, the media, that MILF next door. When we actually do meet the one who we imagine matches our fantasy, we — as it is referred to —fall in love. Perforce. Karmic necessity. 

But then, as the passage of time will do, we discover the small and large ways the actuality of her doesn't match that fantasy we projected upon the lovely lass. If you are a movie star, naturally you get a divorce. If you are a good Catholic, you slog on. If you are a Yogi, well then you can use the dissonance between the fantasy and reality as a blessing to transcend the whole business of looking for happiness in the wrong place in the first place. You do know by now that there is no happiness in the world, as such. You can indeed be happy in the world, but not because of anything in the world. It's simply our birthright. No need to go and pursue. Despite that phrase the Founders coined. 

The women. They are practical. They too have an idealized man in fantasy. Probably a lot like dear old dad. The difference with women is that they see how that poor schlub who keeps coming around actually does fail to measure up. So, they settle. Every so often Mr. Right shows up. But, just like it is for men, the reality sets in pretty fast.

If you are a man in a relationship with a woman, you better believe that somewhere in that mysterious psyche there's that White Knight in the proverbial shining armor in there, in her "special place" in her heart. Again, if you are a movie star, you split as soon as something better comes along. Maybe not the Fantasy 10 Powerball guy, but better. That'll do. If you are a Yogini, you use that inner dissonance to transcend the whole enterprise of looking for happiness where it ain't. Like I previously said. Do I have to repeat myself? 

The interesting surprise is that when you truly accept the way things are, and the way you have it, and all the other permutations on that idea, you discover that the one you're with is in fact ... The One. 

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