From Concept to ... Percept.

There's no one who doesn't know about Gravity. It's there from the first instant. It's preverbal. Ineluctable.

As infants we learn to roll over, sit, and stand. Then, on to walking, running, climbing, and all the feats known to humankind. Everything under the ever present influence of the pull of Gravity. We know about Gravity as youngsters from playing with blocks. What stacks, what doesn't. We may even become educated in the building crafts. Then, we have a conceptual understanding of what works for a structure to endure. Plumb and square and level is the rule.

Yet, in the makeup of our bodies it's a mixed bag. In terms of our adaptation to Gravity. Just look at all the random interpretations and rough approximations of uprightness we display in our standing and living under the constant influence of the energy field of the Earth.

We endure pains and stress and apply all kinds of technological remedies to palliate ourselves.

It's possible, you know, to make Gravity not just a concept, but a percept.

To awaken to the action of Gravity on our physical being and to cultivate the kind of simple balance in the arrangement of our bodies that any child would recognize as appropriate to making sure a stack of blocks stands.

It's very easy. Yet, it takes a little doing.

Go back to school.

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