Ploczekianewicz Johorszczevietczhek Wronski

Here we present for your edification one Ploczekianewicz Johorszczevietczhek Wronski. The "Most Polish" of the Polish Wronski's. Owing to the rather complexity of his given name(s) his friends simply addressed him as "PJ". Others, mostly, stayed away.

PJ was a simple dude. A simpleton, some might say. Great Grandma said his head was full of Kapusta. That winter staple Cabbage dish in Old Polonia.

As you can tell from the archival Wronski Family photo, was one stylish Pole. Fond of limericks, we've been told.

Here's one of supposed favorites:

The boy stood on the burning deck / His feet were all a blister / The fire burned / His pants burned off / And now he wears his sister's.

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