Angels Among US

I'm sure I'll get some flack for this, but I'm always on the alert for how others may attempt to frame my reality. Take what gets communicated through the so called media by the so called news reporting, politicians, and pundits.

In fact, all that put together and looked at with some distance and open minded dispassion seems to be nothing more that a propaganda machine to mold the thinking of the hoi poloi. (That would be, of course, you and me.) "Boy! I'll tell you what it is ... and how it is!"

Take Jim Comey. The best of us, is he. True Blue Eagle Scout ... certified. Until I heard the way he answered a question in an open committee session when asked about his veracity.  He prefaced his response, with the ever so humble statement that "[his] mother taught him to never talk that way about himself". As in, not brag or praise himself. A doubt crept in.

That did it for me! The guy reminds me of the kid in school or the co-worker who knew what side to butter the bread. And, always with lots of spread.

The ongoing impression from all that I've heard about the gentleman is how moral he is, beyond reproach ... unquestionable integrity and honesty. I'll assume those who said those things about him were sincere. Yet ... Maybe a little too much praise?

One gets the impression that private citizen Comey could be trusted to be locked in a room full of naked coeds and never even take one single solitary peek. Even, not once be tempted to imagine doing so.

Now that our President has called him a liar, we'll see how things unfold. Worst case reading: if I had a stellar reputation for truthfulness and moral integrity, I would be sure that if I veered off script with the one untruthful stone to throw ... it would be at a HUGE target.

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