The force of gravity is a prime ecological fact. When we build we pay strict attention to the laws of physics.  We may play tricks with the eye in our architectural designs by adding in asymmetries and imbalances in the surface appearance. But, deep down, it's what any trade worker or architect would tell you: plumb and square. Level and even. Everything fitted to balance in the field of gravity.

Unlike static structures, the human body is dynamic, designed to move. And, it is segmented. feet, legs, pelvis, torso, shoulders, neck, head. The issue of balance in respect to the dictates of gravity is no less so with our bodies than with any physical structure.

Yet . . . When you look at the average individual in terms of the pattern of the body parts, you generally see a kind of randomness, or lack of organization according to how we know from the body's anatomical design things should go. It is so commonplace it is ignored. 

When I began my career in Rolf Structural Integration several years ago I thought it was an idea whose time had come. But, people resist. I don't think that people resist the idea of balancing the body with gravity as such. We all tend to not act unless the wolf is at the door. But, even then, the quick fix please.

If you are attempting to resolve symptoms of chronic pain and stress, please consider a regimen that works to bring order and balance into the structure of the body. Rolf Structural Integration is peerless and definitive. But, you may not want to take that step just now. So, pay more attention to how you use your body. Things like getting your workplace ergonomics right. Adjusting your walk so that both feet track directly forward. Bring your reading or computer monitor to eye level; not bend your head and stoop. If you are a big app user or texter, same thing. Bring your device to you, not you to the device.

The message of Rolf Structural Integration is simply that things work better physically when the body is balanced with the action of gravity. First subscribe to the idea that this is a value. I personally know it is a great value that could save a lot of time and expense in health care costs. A balanced body is a given if you seek to achieve top levels of physical performance, in athletics or on the stage. A body in balance has less inner friction, less noise. With a body in balance you can really live!

Rolf Structural Integration is the definitive tool when you want to consciously engage in the process of bringing your life into a higher order of balance. It offers personalized assistance to foster an evolution in the makeup of the body to a balanced, symmetrical, effortlessly upright stance with full range of motion. Grace, presence, power, vitality. Can you imagine any of that without some measure of balance as the foundation?  
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David D. Wronski said...

Thank you for the acknowledgement. Besides my practice with clients, I take it as a given as a professional to announce how gravity is an overlooked factor in health, performance and expression. Read Ida P. Rolf,PhD, who spoke so eloquently and clearly on this important subject. Here is a great article: "Gravity, an Unexplored Factor in a More
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