Universal Life Energy

When I was in the middle of my initial 10 session series of Rolf Structural Integration, my Rolfer® invited me to be initiated into the Usui Method of Natural Healing. It is called Reiki, an ancient healing method. Most people probably have heard of it.

Soon after my initiation into Reiki I was called to fetch my seven year old daughter, Kristina, from school. She was complaining of stomach pains. I took her home and, as she lay in my lap, I put my hands on her tummy.

As my lovely, innocent little girl lay in my arms, after a little while I was amazed to see her color turn . . . to an ashen gray. This is not typical in a Reiki session, but my teacher told us to abide, in trust. (Please Note: This is not to say that you abandon common sense; if you see that outside help is necessary, you take appropriate action.) But I simply stayed with the situation, and soon her color returned. But now, it came back as a lovely peachy pink. My child's trust allowed her to surrender at a deep level. Be as little children, indeed.

After a while Kristie opened her eyes and said something amazing: "Daddy, everybody died, except you." Only years later did I understand what that meant.

I prepared dinner for the family that evening, and at the table Kristie announces, "Daddy's God!"

You have to know that such subjects were not usual in our family. I don't recall ever having a conversation with the girls about God. This was completely out of the blue. So I felt her exclamation needed some context. I asked, "Then what are you?"

"I'm God! . . . Everybody's God."

The following day I stayed home with her and her little girl ego materialized. "I am the queen, and you must obey me!" she confidently announced to me without any hesitation. Yes, ma'am!

Years later I realized in the context of that Reiki session Kristie had a rebirth. The slate was wiped clean. "Everybody died, except you" was her expression of the experience of being fully in the present moment. The past, not forgotten, but out of present mind.

Reiki is a Japanese word for "Universal Life Energy." If you want to understand what that is, the most direct thing I can share is that it is the difference between a living human being and a corpse. It is life itself.

If you are struggling with an ongoing chronic condition I heartily recommendbesides, of course, whatever you do for yourself medically or therapeutically—to treat yourself to Reiki. I suggest a practitioner trained in the Traditional Usui Method. Reiki is the simplest thing. No words are necessary. A lot of people have tagged on a lot of exotica, terms, and mumbo-jumbo. No need.

The treatment is very gentle, hands lightly placed on points on the front and back of the whole body. You lay on a padded table and wear comfortable clothing. Nothing for you to think, or learn, or believe in, or adopt. Just be there, receptive. You'll see for yourself.

During an important transition period I was going through a lot of personal change in just about all areas of my life. The mind tended to thrash about; old moorings were lost, old ties undone. Reiki was a great healing resource. Always relaxing and becoming present. Renewal. Revitalizing.

In time I have learned that healing is our birthright. It is always there. In the present moment. Ever new. Reiki is a powerful doorway toward that birthright. Enter.


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