Introducing . . . Aqua-Tock
An App First for iWatch
With the Aqua-Tock® app for your iWatch you will have what in the mechanical world of watches is known as a "complication". Yes, all the prestige of a precision handcrafted masterpiece of a watch with all the latest technological innovation and functionality right at your finger tips.

Local time, day and date, second time zone, 24 hour digital readout, alarm, moon phase, timer, stop watch, elapsed time.

E-ver-y-thing . . . Completely and utterly customizable.

All graphic elements can be tailored to the user's personal preference for color and graphic style from a proprietary list of hundreds of options. Developer friendly, to customize your own chosen elements.

Not only do the hour, minute, second and second time zone hands move conventionally, the other elements change color on a selected frequency . . . AND . . . the graphics morph into a chosen set of various shapes.

There's a lot going on. Time tapestry? Complicated? Entertaining? Eye-full, or aweful. Why not both!

That's Aqua-Tock®.

Available as soon as iWatch becomes a reality.

Leave comment expressing your interest. Or, your displeasure. Whatever.

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