Q: But seriously, what do you do with your time? What do you do when there are no more intentions, no goals?

Mooji: I relax in my joy.

Q: And then?

Mooji: For me, there is really no 'And then', 'And then' is an old dream. 'And now' is also a dream. I don't depend on them for my being. I give birth to them. They don't give birth to me. That is one of my old delusions. It comes because you are still identified with a life, an identity you want to keep, therefore you have to consciously think what to do with your time. I have swallowed time. I can play with it but it cannot swallow me. I don't have these kind of questions. If you really come into where I am pointing, these troubles won't be there for you. This is a dilemma that you will continue having when you return to this loyalty to identity. The thought that awareness is boring did not come from awareness. It came from the mind and you still gave 
attention to that, so resistance came and mind purchased more time from you.

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