In the D

This Fall 2013 we travelled to Detroit. Here are some photo images we discovered cruising the boulevards and the byways.

 Angels in Detroit

Wanda and Buddy. Good (Polish) Neighbors.


 That's Pop!

"Jimmy" The Artist

That's how we roll.

 Photo: MicheleDesigns
Photo: MicheleDesigns

Real Estate for Pennies on the Dollar

Photo: MicheleDesigns

 Area Beautification

Photo: MicheleDesigns


Seen way better days.

 Princess sighting at the Eastern Farmers Market

  Doing his own thing, in his own time. Urban (bicycling) Farmer.

From the darkness . . . LIFE!

In the Old Neighborhood / Poletown

Photo: MicheleDesigns

 Saint Hyacinth / Poletown

Buddhist Temple / Windsor, Ontario, Canada


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