What's That About the Big Booty?

Mrs. Kanye West, aka Kim Kardashian, made some news again recently. As she usually does, just for appearing. But this time, appearing in the nude. 

She's famously famous for being famous. And, for her beautiful . . . lovely . . . soft . . . round . . . fulsome . . .  erotic . . .  spectacular . . . world-class . . . hyper-large . . . undeniably wonderful . . . butt. Caboose. 

Let's not dwell. But, you could. Literally. That is one Shelf! Booty. Tush. Keister. Roaster, in some circles. She is what is the textbook definition of bootylicious.

So she got a big ol' ass. So what?

Well, let me put you straight. (I think those curves would put anyone straight. Am I right?)

It's about the math. Angles. Sexual geometry, to be exact. If you are a fan of the classic Missionary position, let's just say such an ample backside does the same job as a pillow(s) do for the lady who be havin' some skinny ol' boney ass. 

Nuff said?

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