Halloween 2014

"I Don't Have the Cure. 

I AM the Cure!"


Keeping up the years-long tradition, our friends Jerry and Celio have created another magical Halloween theme party. 

For 2014 it's "Studio 54". Andy, Liza, Jerry, Bianca. THE David Wronski. Hundreds of others in attendance.

THE Michele T. Fillion, seen arriving at Studio 54.

Claims it's an "Arctic Princess" Costume

Long Lines to Get In.

Admittedly, a little nervous as we head to the door.

Will He Notice Us?

The Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Harmyk.

Seems like he's in a good mood.

He doesn't let just anyone past the velvet ropes.

What a joint.

Bianca! Riding a Horse!

The Drinks Flowed Endlessly.

That Halston! Liked His Martinis.

Babes, everywhere.

Is there Such a Thing as Too Big a Smile?

Or, Too Many?

Guest of Honor: Mr. Warhol.

That's Him on the Left.

Buddies on the Town.

More Lovelies

Braden and Priscilla from Brooklyn . . . 

By Way of Brazil and Google.

No. There is No Such Thing as Too Big a Smile. 

Hope for the Future.

Too Cute!

Jerry, Judy. 

Judy, Jerry.

(The Coat is Real!)

Hard to Get.

(2014 Costume Contest Winners)

Donald Rumsfeld and His Lovely Date Sia.

Yes, She Swung from the Chandelier.

That Witch. And, Dorothy.

Treats Make for Smiles

All in the Family.

Sibs Sticking Together. 

Intergalactic Warrior Avenger Super Fantastic Masked . . . 

It Goes on.

She Stripped. The Joint Went Wild.

Such a Spoiled Gliteratta . . . 

Sheared Baby Mink Made to Look Like Cheap Chenille!

Could Someone Get Liza to . . . Simmer!

Andy Likes Him Some Witch.

Holly Rose and her Male.

Mystery Celebrity.

Now, That Some Witch.

 Pumpkin Angel. Tomato Boy. Juvenile Delinquent.

Guess Which is Which?

Too Much Internet for That One.

Smiling? Or, Petrified? Doesn't She See Him?

Petulent Princess.

Mas Stylin'.

Joke Boy-oh-Boy!

Walter's New Dance Shoes.

All the Bouncers Dressed Like Andy Warhol. 

"Sorry Lady. That is Not a Halloween Costume." 

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