Halloween 2016

Our friends hosted their annual Halloween extravaganza, this year set around the theme "Some Like It Hot". 

Lights, cameras, music, lots of beautiful people. Treats. 

Noticed more than a few super heroes. Can't have too many of those these days. The kids must understand that.

Please Wait Your Turn. Everyone Will Be Served.

Jerry Harmyk Steering the Festivities

The Neighbor Lady, Christine Baranski.

I Called Them Sisters. Mom Took it as a Treat.

Super Genes

Ready for Action.


Mythic Creatures.

Let Me Guess ... A Bunny?

Celio IS Stella [in joke]

Friends with the Devil.

Don't Let that Smile Fool You.

Just in from Hollywood

Uncle Jerry Done Up.

More Jerry.

That One in the Middle. High Concept.

Got You Covered in the Air, the Sea, and Everywhere Else.

That's Not a Costume. Don't Judge. Acupuncture, I think.

Walter and His Date Carol

Michele in Her Element
Michele is NOT Impressed.

Yes, She Is.

"My Mom's Waiting!" Not even time for a two second photo!

Night Bee.

There is Hope for the Future.

He wanted Pizza. (Ninja Turtles like Pizza I hear.) He was OK with Anchovies, Onions, Sausage. But, he let it go when I told him all I had was some with Porcupine. Kids, eat more Porcupine!)

The Binky Came Out for the Shot. 

They're Everywhere!!!

Still a Little Girl. Very Good.

Best Face Award Winner.

Sia and Donald Rumsfeld. 


Beautiful Hearts.


About to Spray Havoc.

Bad to the Bone.

Walter and Carol Photobombed by Meredith

Walter Likes it Hot.

David Susskind?

Only a Mother Could Love.

If You Have to Ask ...


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