Taxi Dave Ex-Wife

Of all the towns. Of all the cabs. Of all the cabs in all the towns, she had to get in mine ... the ex-wife.

"What's up?" I asked.

"You took me for a ride once, I figure another spin might do me some good," she said.

"But, why now?" I wondered aloud.

"Hair of the dog sort of thing, you know," was her come back. (Never shy with the come back, that one.)

I started with a dig into low gear. "Hope you'll get some satisfaction ... this time."

"Just what is that supposed to mean. Tell me!!!" was her shrill rejoinder as the tires screeched.

"Well, as I recall, your mother ... "

"That's so you!!! Don't go there!!!" she screamed interrupting me mid sentence..

And, off we went on our way. Down that same old road.

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